This is our story.

With a history spanning more than 80 years and as one of Hamilton’s most established arts institutions, Hamilton City Brass is a leader in the local musical arts community and one of the top brass bands within New Zealand.  The Hamilton Citizens Band was formed in 1935 by members of the Waikato Regimental and Hamilton Municipal Bands.  Before that the band had its roots in military bands within Hamilton.

Our society comprises of three areas. Hamilton City Brass (senior band), Hamilton Auxiliary Brass (intermediate band) and the Brass Factory (development band).

Band success
Hamilton City Brass has a strong history of contesting at regional, national and international level and has been graded A, B or C grade band throughout its history.  After winning the B grade championship title for the second year in a row in 2017, Hamilton City Brass was invited to move into the A grade. Under various names – Hamilton Citizens Band, Waikato Times Hamilton Brass, Castle Trust Hamilton Brass and now Hamilton City Brass, the senior band has enjoyed many New Zealand and Australian contest successes.   We have won the NZ B grade championship in 1949, 1955, 1983, 1989, 1993 and more recently under the musical direction of Mason Elliot in 2013 then Glenn Richards in 2016 and 2017.   The band has won the Australian National B grade championship in style both in 1988 in Sydney under conductor Bruce Borthwick and then 1994 in Melbourne under conductor Ian Levien.  

Civic events
Hamilton City Brass performs at civic events throughout the year and is a familiar sight with Hamiltonian’s at the ANZAC day civic service and also marching through Hamilton at the annual santa parade.  Every year in December, the Senior Band and Auxiliary Band combine to bring Christmas carols to the streets of Hamilton. The benefits of Christmas carolling to our organisation are threefold: firstly it is our major fundraising venture of the year; secondly it heightens our profile tremendously and thirdly, the players enjoy sharing music with Hamiltonian’s at Christmas.  

The senior band has a strong concert following within Hamilton and the wider Waikato area.  Concerts vary from informal afternoon concerts in the Hamilton Gardens to being part of the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, to well-received concerts held at Hamilton’s best concert venues.  

Band facilities
Pre 1993, the band spent much of its existence in premises situated in Grantham Street then in 1974 moved to the Peachgrove Lounge on Peachgrove Road.  In 1993, with the vision and drive of Leo Roche and Richard Edgecombe, the Society relocated to the purpose renovated Bandroom in Clyde Street where they happily remain.  

"A band is not proud because it performs well;
it performs well because it is proud. "